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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

OK - For Deanna from Wedding dress Blue


I have just finished this fisrt attempt as Quilt Whispering a quilt I hope one day to make .
Part of our homework for our QW class with Carla Barrett.

This drawing I did yesterday - inspired by Diane Gaudynski

This is how it looked in my folded mirror...

and some fabric I have dyed with Andrea's help - just playing - not too sure on the colours though.

As Andrea is debilitated with Migraines over the last 3 weeks - I am never quite sure what the day will bring - So I am off to get some sleep while I can.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for her.


Cheryl M. said...

Joan I really like your QWing. Can't wait till you have pics of it finished. good luck
Cheryl M.

Unknown said...

Oh what a lovely feather - I just love it, and look forward to seeing your version of it quilted

Deanna said...

Such a lovely Ta-dah it is. Thank you so much for sharing with us while cheerfing yourself on.

Rebecca said...

Love your quilt design from the QW class. That will be beautiful when you piece & quilt it... don't ya just love Carla's class.

Crispy said...

Beautiful!! I love how delicate the feather is :0)


Vivian said...

Love the folder mirror idea. I think I'm going to make a New Year's Resolution to start practicing on FMQ feathers. You are such an inspiration.

Ivory Spring said...


I just swooned!