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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Joannes Quilt Along

Another boo-boo I'm afraid - in fact two!

Block #8
I must have sewn some of the seams too large, cause the blocks were 9" when they should have been 9 1/2 - (9" finished!)
So I fudged! 
May not use these ones - may do some more - too weary for now.
Back to my FMQ - tomorrow!

Just checking the blog - and noticed one of the blocks is an
Amish one - you know... nothing's perfect...in fact one piece is sewn in completely the wrong place!!
Now THATs a boo-boo and a half!!
Definitely wont use THAT one :(


Wendy said...

They're still quite attractive. You can always use them somewhere else, if you decide to make new.

Ivory Spring said...

Hmmmmm - you can just use these two by themselves and something to make a banner if you aren't going to include them in the quilt. Just a thought. :)

Sheila said...

No fear Joan that is how we all learn this craft a few mistakes and the next one is flawless .I do like your fabrics and did you know that years ago the quilters always included a block that had mistakes , seems it was for luck or something ;-0

Crispy said...

Well you can just stick them in the orphan pile and worry about new ones some other day. I'm afraid if I made blocks by machine, they would look much worse than yours :0)


Deanna said...

I kind of like your Amish blocks. :) They are unique and that is a good thing. I got one of my block 8's done today (the green one) and hope to get the blue one done tomorrow. Your 7's look really good, too. Very scrappy.