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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Night Sew in
A good chance to get this I Spy quilt completed in time for Christmas.  I have the binding to complete...so Friday night is a perfect time to do this, I has been professionally quilted - last year!

I bought a picture frame for my small 'card' quilt.
I do think white would be better though.
Another gift maybe?

Back to my Whole Cloth quilting while there is lots of daylight - its so much easier to see.


Unknown said...

What a lovely frame for you quilted piece - you are lucky to be going into summer and lots of daylight - here it gets dark so early and really hard to see without extra lighting when at the sewing machine

Nima said...

wow..that looks lovely

Rebecca said...

Love the black picture frame, it really shows of your little quilted piece.....Perefect!

I made up applique Christmas card quilted them, put them in a black frame and gave as Christmas gifts. They were a hit. They are posted on my blog.

Joanne said...

The I spy quilt looks great and so does the little card in the dark frame.♥

Crispy said...

Well sometimes getting a quilt done in a timely manner is over rated LOL. Personally, I love the dark frame...very pretty!


simonepatch said...

Adorei o teu blog.Tens muito bom gosto e teus tecidos são lindos demais.Que combinação de cores.Parabens!!!