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Friday, April 30, 2010

To continue with my story of the journey I have made and am continuing to make.

Below is the Laura Ashley quilt , the center of which was peiced by my daughter Heather and the borders added by me and how I did the quilting...  This shows the tear away paper being used.

After my trials with the tear away paper, I discovered Press and Seal - which I coudn't get here in Australia at the time,  although I believe we can now get it locally .  A good freind from the USA sent me quite a lot of rolls...which was lovely.
My daughter Heather had sewn together some squares of fabric from the Laura Ashly line, when she was in her second teaching post quite some years ago..at a remote school  inland from Kalgoorlie.
As she didnt know what to do with it then...and as Mum did quilting :)  could I finish it for her.
Well I added two borders...eventually...  and first using the the tear away paper, quilted the blocks and the border.
 I must say this was a UFO for quite some time.
In 2004 not long after we moved here to Leschenault, my studio was more or less sorted,   so I put the 3 layers together...on the floor of our bedroom I think ( NOT good for the back!) 

After machine quilting the blocks one by one  (in the ditch around each block first.) I used the tear away paper for all the blocks and then for the first border.
 This was a bit harsh on the stitching
I then discovered Press and seal...and this was really good

It even stayed in place on the door while it waited for me to use :) which was handy as they were long pieces.
So then I happily quilted along with the Press and seal.  It stuck really well to the fabric with safetly pins at intervals. 
I did discover that after a time, my stitches skipped and the needle gluncked up heaps..but I persevered till I had finished the quilt..it did work better if I also sprinkled a little talcum powder on the plastic as I sewed..bit messy...but smelt nice!

This method wasnt bad...still a bit harsh on the stitches when taken off ..and tiny bits stuck in the stitching which took a while to take out.

Press and Seal - some still to be removed.

The making of the Laura Ashley quilt - AND the lovely view I have when seiwng..plus as a bonus, you can see my DH working hard in the garden :)  Which reminds me - I MUST go clean the windows!

As you can see - my quilting gloves then consisted of gardening gloves...the best thing I could find to use when quilting

This is the only other photo I could find of the completed quilt.
My story will contiue again a bit later.


Nima said...

wow...that looks lovely...lots of work...but very fruitful...i love the beautiful quilting.

Sue-Anne said...

I am amazed at the beautiful quilting you have done on your domestic machine. Wonderful work Joan!

Sandra Henderson said...

BRAVO~! Your perseverance has paid off in your finishing! The quilting is lovely.such a labor of love...
I really like Laura Ashley fabrics, you don't see them here so much anymore. I found some baby clothes in it for my new grandbaby and just love them, so soft.
Such a NICE sewing room! I need to put some photos on of mine. I've posted it in the beginning of my blog, I need to do this again... However, it is not as bright as yours, very lovely. VERY LOVELY quilt...

Sandra Henderson said...

P.S. My email does not work for me when I click on addresses to write. I wanted to answer your question re. where I live....
It's Cumberland Island, Georgia, USA
Just google this and it's the National Seashore.

Joanne said...

The quilt is so beautiful! Your daughter must be so pleased.
Great tip with the press and seal!
You sure have the best spot to work - lucky you!♥

Crispy said...

A very interesting post Joan. I've heard of people using the Press 'n Seal for quilting (I love that stuff for wrapping meats for the freezer) :0)


Renée's Country Crochet said...

I love press n seal. I raved about it awhile ago. The only problem is if your lines overlap and you have small sections.. hard to get it out.
Beautiful quilt.

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your quilt is lovely and the quilting quite wonderful!

*karendianne. said...

I'm happy to be here and intrigued! I enjoy watching and reading. So interesting what you do. I think its because a part of me really wants to be like you! Two sets of gloves and all... :)

Miriam said...

Beautiful quilting, Joan!!
Those Laura Ashley fabrics are lovely.

Nat Palaskas said...

Great quilting. I can't do it so really appreciated when someone else does it. Thanks for visiting my blog. it's really nice to have met another Australian blogger.

Sandy said...

Hi Joan, I finally have an account! I am so grateful for your sharing your FMQ experiences and paving the way for those of us yet to begin! I may just practice on old ufos (per Harriet Hargrave book) for a while. I think she said it takes 6 months to get proficient ;( Oh well, I want to do this right- you are an inspiration.....Sandy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Joan. Your stitching is looking so good!!!!

Sandy said...

Joan, I think I had not signed in before writing my message- this time my address should show- let me know if this is the answer! Thanks, Sandy in MD...(minirhodes1)

cecilia cavallini said...

I have a translator button, now! Bye and compliments for your job. Cecilia

Rosa said...

Looks amazing!!those fabrics colors are vey nice.

Sandy said...

Hi Joan, hope this is right now, will keep trying if not- Sandy in MD

Rose Marie said...

I have wondered about using Press 'n Seal .... thanks for the tips for using it.

You perservered and look what you now have .... a gorgeous quilt!