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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Just thought I would show how I am mult-tasking today.  I have put the Prism quilting on hold, as I think I may use a slightly different sik thread colour., and I am waiting for it to arrive.
 Joining the 2nd row of POTC blocks...three of the eight are joined.
Sandwiching some fabric together as I am off to have a look at some new sewing machines on Thursday and I want to try sewing on my own fabric.
Not that I am getting one  - YET...but it will be good to look.

Back to my hand sewing now for a bit till my hands give up again.


Nima said...

wow..good to see your progress on prism quilt. your POTC Blocks looks awesome..

Crispy said...

I just love the Prism quilt!! Multi-tasking is fun, lots of variety to keep you happy :0)


Ivory Spring said...

Joan, I love your POTC blocks!! You are such a talented lady... you can machine quilt AND hand quilt. I can't hand quilt to save my life even though I like other forms of handwork... :)


Renée's Country Crochet said...

Gorgeous! You are one multi talented lady. I am amazed at all of your hand sewing. Your machine quilting is fabulous. I am so glad that I found your blog!