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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Workshops Designs, DWR., FMQ,

After a recent workshop  by Michelle Pearson at Handcrafters House with Jamie Wallen,
 and so inspired by his feathers - who wouldn't be  :)
I felt like I could get on with the design of the DWR quilt...which has been all ready to quilt for a while now

 ( Me with Jamie and Rich)
It was a fabulous workshop of four days ..very intense and so full of learning, fun and laughter

So onto the design of the DWR quilt...
I had more of less decided on this..

But really liked this.... then thought I may never get it finished in time..

However...this is the one I have decided to do.  I have drawn over a photo of the quilt.. using a clear plastic and a black marker, which in itself is a great practise..

This is my Practice piece of quilting
Ignore the celtre... I had a bit of trouble getting the tension right  for top and bottom using Glide thread - took most of the day but finally got it.
Now I will hopefully start the basing on the edges and have a huge load of ditch work to get done
which I will do with the dusty mono-filament top and hopefully Glide in the bobbin.

I will try to keep up with sneak peaks along the way



Leeanne said...

Oh lucky you! I love Jamie's quilting, his Youtube video's are very inspirational.

Lynette said...

Joan, this is so gorgeous :D What a beautiful motif in the center. I'm sooo close to finally having mine finished. I love the satin back on this one!!!!

Eulalia Isabel said...

me gusta.