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Thursday, October 23, 2014


I started on my quilting on this quilt..
Basted the edges with wash-away thread..
started the wrong way!!
lots of problems with tensions.. then my Bernina 820 locked up
(thankfully THAT is sorted)  and I had resorted to sewing what I have done on my 440QE

Didn't stick to the plan I posted previously!       thtoopid!!


Did this instead!

Very silly!!

This is what has happened..  so

Out it all comes  ... all of it.

So mad with myself!!

I will frog, unpin, maybe add a second batting...starch some more...repin.
I am going to be very busy.

Think my deadline will change..


Leeanne said...

Oh such a shame! Please tell me what is 'Frog"?????

Jane said...

Hmmm having the same problem with the same quilt! A ripple in the back. It belonged to my husband s aunt who passed away recently and I am finishing it. Do I undo and Repin or leave her work and just get on and finish it?
Feeling your pain.

Jane said...

oops! am having the same problem with the same quilt, one that my husbands aunt left when she passed away recently. About to unpick sadly, she only did one row of quilting but it was pinned and ready to quilt.I quilted a bit in the ditch and am about to unpick with a glass of wine! good luck!

SewCalGal said...

Oh so sorry. I hate reverse sewing, but especially when it comes to free-motion quilting. Seems so difficult to do, but then my stitch length is still inconsistent (I need to work on that). I have one project that I stopped as I was happy with all my quilting, but picked a background design that I am not good at and decided to stop. Another example why practice sandwiches are good to use before a serious project. Oh well, you've inspired me to pull it out and do some frogging. I'll be thinking of you as I do it.


Janet said...

Oh no Joan, what a lot of unstitching. Do you think more starching on the backing fabric will solve the problem?

Eulalia Isabel said...

Soy tu seguidora, te invito a que lo seas de mi blog también.
saludos desde Ecuador. Sud America.

Marie-José H said...

I think every quilter recognizes such a problems. I just finished my Bhoeddha quilt and it took me 4 days to get the wrong threats out. Well if it gets better the second time it is worth while all the work. And I'm sure you'll manage next time. You quilt so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Joan, you made the right decision. I know that you would be much happier when you can work your magic and quilt it without the backing and other issues. Can't wait to see it when you are done!