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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quilting Frame,

My Bernina quilting Frame arrived on Friday.
It was brought down from Perth - about 180kms away, and put together for me!   

Well - I think I must have been really tired and a little tipsy.. we had a visitor, and it was that time of the evening.
On Friday I watched the Bernina video on YouTube several times before I worked out how to just put put the fabic on !

As you can see I have a real mess in my studio!
On Saturday I finally got all the fabric and batting worked out.
Did some very strange quilting on Saturday .. and thought - my gaad what have I done.
  This is the last thing I did yesterday - which was also my first day at the quiltingon the frame
I wrote to one of my online friends Rhianon Taylor
who also has one of these frames...and she was REALLY helpful.
She made me feel loads better! Also suggested a stool to sit on.
I now have a kitchen stool in place to sit on and my DH found a box for me to put my foot pedal on.  I really have not been able to use the BSR - 1 or 2.  
I have a stop start button coming soon.

 This was my effort today... and now I will have a bit of a break and come back to it later.
We have an overseas visitor arriving tomorrow and I need to get some other things done. 

So - sore neck sore back and lots of work ahead of me!!


Leeanne said...

I guess it's like going from a manual car to an automatic car, it will take a bit of time.

What Comes Next? said...

it will come! you'll be a superstar on it before you know it!

happydaysquilting said...

Im sure if you look back at your first freemotion attempts on your sewing machine you will see that it wasn't perfect straight away, you didn't give up and are awesome at it, give yourself permission to play, load up some fabric and and enjoy learning a new skill :)

KeyQuilter said...

Someone was just in our shop this week who mentioned a Bernina quilting machine with frame like this. I'd never heard of it so it was interesting to see your post! I agree- you'll be a quilting whiz on it in a flash!

Emma said...

Ooh, exciting! Have fun experimenting; you'll get comfortable with it soon enough!

Jackie said...

Looks pretty good considering it's your first time using the frame. Getting the stop start button will make it so much easier. If you get Fons and Porter programs show 2306 is with Angela Hoffman who is a long arm quilter and she had really good suggestions for new quilters using a frame (hand positions etc). She does have a You Tube site which might also have suggestions. You will be great in no time.

Joanne said...

Looks great to me! Have fun!!