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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Painting on fabric.,

Well here I am again  - playing with my paints.

I used my Inktense pencils - tried out all the different colours first.. and then tried some that I fancied on  the reverse side of the feathers I painted on the other day

Feeling brave - I put pencil to fabric!  I have watched some beautiful videos that
Sherry Roggers-Harrison has made,  showing how she does her fabulous painting on her quilts.
It looks so easy - but of course its is SUCH  skill,  and she does it so well

Didnt think I put enough pencil on at first..

So redid some of the pencils colour..

Not easy to get all that colour ( not  a large space really) to go on very evenly.

So this is it so far and I wish I knew what to do next :)  Probably go round the design with a black ink Gel pen, which I also got from Sherry...

Now I am going to clean up my studio and start some other thing ... and wait for inspiration to call again.

Not sure how I will finish this up... the background ??  The fabric Sherry has supplied with her quilting sample on is really beautiful and so easy to paint on...

I guess this is one more thing that needs PPP :)


Joanne said...

Beautiful! Glad to see that you are having fun.❤

Patti said...

This is looking great so far. I've been drawn to this painting on quilts but could tell I don't have the patience to get that color the intensity I would like. But you are doing great & it looks great even while you start ppp! P.S. Let's find something that gives instant gratification for a relief from all this ppp lol!