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Monday, February 03, 2014

Design Wall, Home,

some things that have distracted me - in a good way.

I thought this picture below was rather special :)

 I never thought my DH would use my quilting rulers...he was looking for a straight edge long enough ... and I said - my rulers were very accurate! 
He did doubt me..ha!! 
I am pleased to say that all went well and the cut outs in the design board were in perfect place.
The power plug and the gas bayonet were in perfect position :)
Of course he is also very clever too!!

I am really so lucky to have such a supportive husband.. 

I have been working hard to have this space cleared.. and the cupboards tidy...and there is another design wall on the wall at the end of the space... which was also re-positioned

Of course some things have again to be shifted fro one place to another :)
BUT this (below ) is what will fit i this space!

 My Bernina 820 ,Nessie,will be perfect there... and what another huge learning curve I will have now...or at least when its delivered.

I was hoping to get the Carpenters Star completed before it arrived, but can still work on it and THEN move to the frame.
As iIwas going from one thing to another.. I found a small quilt sandwich - that called me to play...so I had a few minutes of time to do this:-

Thats it from me.. tomorrow is another day..
and back to trying to get the house work done and some food cooked 


Jackie said...

You are going to love quilting with your machine and frame. It's a bit difficult at first learning to move the machine instead of the quilt but once you've managed that you will love quilting even more.

What Comes Next? said...

love your little play piece. Supportive husbands are the best! Really looking forward to hearing how it goes with the frame - so exciting!