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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Carpenter Star, FMQ,

The end is in sight!
Last night I finally completed the quilting on the borders.

Only the binding to go now...so I have a decision to make for the binding  fabric.....and then the hand sewing
Not something I love.

The last borders I did were the small dark blue ones.. I was going to add something to the one between the dark blue and the green, as there are many puckers...but decided to stop and hope they are better when the quilt is washed. 
 I also thought - enough is enough!

One of my two trademark ladybugs

And the second, which took me quite a while to find.  I did think I had a third, but must have decided that was enough!

SO - now for the binding ...pheww!

Oh ... and the quilt measured 105" by 88" I thought it was King size, but maybe not quite!


Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Oh my Joan - the outer green border looks stunning and I love the ladybugs. I wish I were close to you I would help you with the binding -- I like hand sewing it and relaxing in my easy chair. Congratulations on getting this far - and cheers to the upcoming setup of your frame!! Karen

Grit said...

Wow...looks wonderful. You quilt with Longarm?

Grit from Germany

Wendy said...


KeyQuilter said...

It's lovely! Great job!

What Comes Next? said...

Yay! Good luck with the binding! I was thinking about you and your ladybugs yesterday :)

Mary said...

Joan!! Just gorgeous! Fabulous quilting.

Patti said...

Joan, this turned out so beautiful!

Quiltsmiles said...

Joan, Your quilting absolutely ROCKS! Tell you what, I'd be more than happy to do your binding for you and you could do my quilting, nnice trade and one that I'd benefit the most from, LOL. Wished we lived closer without an ocean between us.

Lovely quilt. Jane

Jackie said...

Another beautiful job completed, it is definitely a show piece. I also have a Carpenter's Star top completed but it's still waiting for me to quilt it but I'm too hesitant to start...maybe soon. lol

Accroquilt said...

I love that. Thank you to share!