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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge December 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge December 2012

Goodness - the last Challenge... very sad, Oh but how much we have all learnt :) thanks to SewCalGal's hosting it.

This months Challenge Tutorial came from Patsy Thompson - and what a great one it is.

Borders - Always a challenge!

I have yet to complete this as I have lots of fillers to do - I had decided to let it stay as it is, but just cant do that...so it will have to wait a bit.
I tried several threads...my big Bernina 820 got zapped in a storm we had a few days ago - and its gone away for a holiday :)  so I am so happy that I have the 440QE here - and it has been sewing like a dream...and only a few problems with the tension..

Hope you enjoyed the photos.
I REALLY enjoyed doing this one.  I couldn't use the rulers like Patsy and couldn't cope with my practice piece doing the imageing of the feathers... and must admit to drawing the feathers on a small piece of tracing paper and using the pounce pad.  
I never keep to the lines exactly, and try to improve on the design as I go.

I truly love to quilt.

Thank you for a very valuable lesson Patsy.

Thank you SewCalGal for this really wonderful year of the Challenge.  
How great that we all have another new group of quilting friends around the world
and have added so much to our knowledge of FMQ.


Pat Merkle said...

WOW! Awesome job on this month's FMQ project!

Quilting Babcia said...

Very lovely Joan! I hope you'll remain active in the Facebook group after the Challenge is over. It's always a joy to see your beautiful quilting.

Tammy said...

Your feathered border and hyper quilting is gorgeous! I love the colours and the soft flow of the feathers. Bravo very well done.

FarmNana said...

beautiful! I love the way the "kissing" feathers have that extra curve back. Sweet details and great colors.

jan said...

Oh Joan, this is just so beautiful, I haven't done any more to mine right now, but after seeing yours, I really must get on with it. Beautiful work from you once more.

SewCalGal said...

Joan - your piece is absolutely beautiful. Love, love, love it. You did a great job.


Wendy said...

Stunning! You always do such beautiful things!

Pine Valley Quilts said...

Hi Joan

love your quilting it looks fabulous

Jane said...

I love the colours and teh creations that come with the different designs,now taht I have come back from my holiday I will start this challenge after being inspired by your piece.

Diane Wild said...

Amazing job. The feathers are gorgeous.

Jacquelin said...

Fantástico, se ve estupendo.

Hannele said...

i love your quilting!