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Friday, December 14, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge Bonus #4

Bonus # 4 Free Motion Quilting 2012.

Have just finished this one.  I was playing with it last night and trying to get a design of my own up...
but that dreadful thing called time crept up on me.
This December Tutorial is from Terri Lucas, .. and can be found here ...Teri was also our Tutor for the October Challenge.

The page I downloaded from the tutorial.... finished.

I did actually buy the Kaleidoscope Kreater 3
but chose to do the page thatTeri had for us to download...AFTER I had played most of the evening getting a couple of my own to sort of work :)  More of them later.

Not sure what will happen if I wash this... I am imagining that maybe the color will wash out.  I actually found I had some fabric backed for the inkjet printer... or maybe I should have ironed it to set the color....

This is the back - showing my very bad tension.,  I used silk thread on top and aurifil in the bobbin.
I am using my 440 QE at the moment - and I do tend to have problems with the tensions. 
I am hoping my Nessie (Bernina 820) comes back home to me soon later today.

One of my designs ready to sew.... running out of time.

And another drawn on the fabric only.. Not sure about this one.

That's it for now.

I really MUST stop and tidy up the work room again..
I am having trouble finding things!!


Unknown said...

Ah, but when it's covered, who sees the back ..... lovely work Joan

Quilting Babcia said...

Another beautiful finish! I've printed mine out and now debating whether to add some borders to make it larger or just go with it as is and make a mug rug when finished. Your first design reminds me of seahorses, feathered seahorses of course! Very neat, I think I'll have to invest in this program after the holidays.

Linda said...

Just stunningly beautiful Joan!!! Your talents are I souring!!

Raewyn said...

Wow it looks fantastic Joan. I'm looking forward to playing with this technique too. (Your tension looks fine from here!!)

Jacqueline Bahí said...

Te ha quedado estupendo yo no tengo tela para la impresora así que lo haré en blanco e intentaré pintarlo.

Martha said...

I love this, your quilting is fabulous!! I printed it out today and hope to work on it sometime this weekend!! Your other two designs are really cute, hope to see them quilted up when you find time!!!

tizart said...

AMAZING!!!! I love all your lovely work just so beautiful!!!! Happy quilting Liz

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring Joan! I really wanna do this but will have to wait until after the holidays. I understand your wanting your Nessie; I'm sewing on an unfamiliar machine right now. No telling when, or if, my baby will be up and running again.

El Bucanero said...

Beautiful Joan.

As far as washing, I'd recommend following the instructions on the fabric printable media you used, as it varies. While I'm not an expert at it, I do try to heat set and may also use BubbleJet Set or similar products, when I think the project will get much washing (e.g. memory quilt). But, as a general rule I do try to minimize washing projects that incorporate printables....and basically turn those into wallhangings, fibre art projects. Good question that I'll ask Teri and Jeanie for their expert advice.