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Friday, November 09, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge 2012

Bonus exercise #3
Well I am slowly getting there.
This is what I have done so far.... still working on it..


I have done fine lines under the lace after pinning the little linen mat  and trapunto piece all together with the wool wadding and the backing fabric...all white.

The small stripes I have done in a very light avocado coloured silk - YLI 100 thread.
The feathers when completed are also going to be sewn in this colour.

I am getting there very slowly.  I have to complete the centre circles in the feather I have done ,,, and then do the next one.  
I will do the background quilting also with YLI silk 100 thread, but a different colour...a  light faun/pink.
I MAY do the butterfly with something else - but that my be white silk.

More later


Laura said...

As always, gorgeous. The way you stitched under the lace and left it free makes it so interesting. Can't wait to see how you complete this piece, I know it will be fabulous.

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

I loe the border, Joan. It reminds me of tiny pleats. Beautiful.

Unknown said...

You do beautiful work Ms. Joan

Quilting Babcia said...

This will be gorgeous when completed! So delicate.

Raewyn said...

It is beautiful Joan - I love all that you've done so far!!!

Lynette said...

I really like those close lines under the lace - gorgeous effect.

Leeanne said...

Wow! I love the lace.

Joanne said...

As always, your quilting is inspirational!

Fischtown Lady said...

Wouh, I am amazed! How beautiful!
Love it, Marita

Wendy said...

Simply Beautiful!