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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge 2012 Bonus #3 from Diane Loomis.
Thank you to both Diane and to SewCalGal for their wonderful efforts to get us all working at our FMQ

At last I have done the wadding on my trapunto.

I did do some sketches... this one was going on the silk dupioni, but I couldn't get my machines to sew on it!

After trying first on  my Bernina 820,  I couldnt get the tension right...the top thread of my water soluble thread kept breaking.
Next I tried on y Pffaf 7550 - still no success.
Then I got my Bernina 440 , and I manged to get the thread to hold in the bobbin with the water soluble thread, but only managed a few inches at a time with the top thread...BUT eventually I got it all completed.  I used the long feather in sketch above for the sides of the pieced and then worked out a butterfly for the near center.

 Back of my Trapunto piece.

The front.

AND at last I have got some of Andrea's lone star sewn. 
I have come to a bit of a stop.  Where the side triangle was meant to fit in - it didn't fit!  So I am in thinking mode. 
I will unpick and sew to measured parts of the seam as see hope that it fits then.

Catch up again soon.


Lynette said...

What a striking lone star. Your trapunto piece is going to be gorgeous with the quilting! What a pain with the machines and the silk issues. Nothing more frustrating to me than machine glitches!

Marj said...

Glad you were able to work through the thread issues. I like the use of the heart shape for the corners in your sketches. The lone star is looking good love the color.

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Joan -- the advantages of having "just one more machine" in your stash. What brand of water soluble thread were you using ? Do you think a different brand would help ?

I'm sure it will be beautiful when you finish it.

The lone star is very pretty -- it almost looks like the pieces on the right were cut larger than the ones on the left.

Hopefully the thinking will result in an acceptable solution.


Laura said...

Some days it seems like nothing goes right, sounds like you are having one of those! It's best to just walk away from it all and do something else and go back to it later. Hope things improve, I'm certain they will.

Raewyn said...

Great to see you starting on Andrea's Star - it is really effective in the black and white. I hope it sorted itself out while you were away having a coffee - if not, hope you can sort it out without too much unpicking! Your trapunto piece is going to be lovely - nice design with the lace around the edge too, very classy!

Leeanne said...

Your trapunto piece is going be be lovely.
The lone star looks great in black n' white.