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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holiday to Walpole July 2012

Andrea, Caroline , Caroline's exchange student and myself spent a week away - stayed at a chalet in Walpole on the South West Coast of Western Australia.
We had a great time and as mentioned in previous post, drove around 900km+.
Here are some of our memories.
 Town of Walpole seen from The Knoll accross the estuary.
 Mother and baby - who ate carrots from our hands

 Mother and baby
 Andrea and Roni -
 One of two Bandicoots we had also living by our challet. I have only seen these once before.
This one ate some apple.
I think this one thought the camera was something good to eat.

Ronnie Andrea and Caroline...
On the Treetop walk at The Vally of the giants.  Giant Tingle tree forrest.

 Inside one of the giant Tingle trees

 Roni and Andrea at the 'Dinasor Park' - with birds
 Me with a little bird who couldnt fly - and he tried to eat my ear :)

Caroline at Conspicuous Bay.  Thats a fresh water creek flowing into the ocean.  
I fell ove twice here.  Thank goodness no-one saw me. Once getting OVER the log to get over the creek to the other side ... and then gtting BACK on the log to cross back over the creek - Long story -This is where I think I hurt my back.
 Peaceful Bay

 Roni, Andrea and Caroline getting their feet wet.

Looking up at the Diamond Tree Lookout

 Me at the top of the Diamond Tree Lookout - can you tell I was exhausted?
 Me climbing down again - couldnt wak properly when I got down from the last rung and suffered for 3 days after.  Last time I do that!
 Roni in the centre on a giant Karri Tree near the Diamont tree Lookout.
 Two of three Kookaburra's who ate meat from us - even tried to eat it from my hand... gave me a fright!
 We ran out of mince at this time, and the third one waited patiently to see if there was more!
 Walpole Estuary from The Knoll Walpole
From the Knoll again.
 A Blue Wren- Male
 An Emu - there wer a mob of them here, but Andrea didnt think they would show upand only took this photo.
 A male Robin Red Breast
 A small mob of Kangaroos between Bailingup and Nannup by the Blackwood River
at Lewana Cottages
The Dam  - at Lewana Cottages, Bailingup on the Nannup Road

A lot of photos, but I hope you enjoy them.

Need to tidy up my studio again.
We have our very special guest that we are all so happy about,  arriving on Monday for a few weeks.
Her name is Caitlin and she is Andrea's exchange student all the way from Victoria B


Joanne said...

Amazing pictures!!

KeyQuilter said...

Great pics! Thank for the tour!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Joan. Looks like you had a lovely time. Roni and Andrea look like sisters ;-)

Marie-José H said...

Oh, such wonderful pictures. A beautful envirment you spent your hollidays in. Amazing colour the blue wren male bird.

Marilyn said...

Great photos, Joan! Thanks for the peek at Ozzie wildlife.

Ivory Spring said...

Oh my, Joan - love those pictures. You have some pretty exotic birds, it seems like.

Raewyn said...

Fabulous pictures - what a great holiday. That is something I discovered about Australia - it is so big!! Hope your aches and pains have recovered by now?