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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

FMQ, Home. and design board.

Just about completed this piece of Free Motion Quilting - for a special friend...
Now I just need to add the binding and I am finished!

There is the back - the sun was on its way down, so the light was not the best.
The fabric is really a whie!

 I sighted some of the birds around here, but the storm blew over so many of our trees, and I didn't get a very good shot...  as I coudn't sneak up on them well.
These are Pink and Grey Cockatoo's
This is a 'Top Knot' Pidgeon with a couple of Pink and Grey's on the public open space where we have lot of horses.and their owners ( from an adgistment paddock behind us near the Estuary ) riding past us

The last shot is a picture of my design wall today....
Yes!  I KNOW I have way to much on the go...but its fun.  I am presently working on the black and white Lone Star....  for a  large qult for Andrea... which will have lots of lovely spaces to quilt in. :)  The star will be just the center.

Now ... I need to go get tea on... Or I will be in strife with the troops !!


Quilt Rat said...

Yes, you do always seem to have lots on the go.....that first little piece is so simple yet very striking...well done! I am always trying to sneak up on birds for a photo....without much success .....guess we just are not stealth enough. :-)

Diana and LaDonna said...

Love your heart quilt and the quilting! Beautiful as usual! How do you handle the edges while quilting... do you leave extra to hold on to and then trim after quilting?


What Comes Next? said...

love the heart quilt - the simple patchwork with the gorgeous quilting looks wonderful. you always have so much on the go - Andrea's quilt will be perfect - can't wait to see how you quilt all that "white space"

Katherine said...

Gorgeous quilting. Do you just use a domestic machine with a free motion foot on it. One day I too would like to find the time to give it a go. Also we call those birds 'galahs' down here lol. They make such a mess with the sulfur crested cockies too. But they are magnificent to see in a grey sky with the sun on them.

Wendy said...

Lovely, lovely, all soooo lovely. I can see Andrea snuggled under the star quilt. She'll love it her whole life.

Janet said...

I wondered what those grey birds were, now I know that they're top knot pigeons, they make a funny noise. I love your heart and the quilting is divine as usual. The lone star is looking stunning already.

Joan said...

Hi katherine - You are quite correct - Galah it is - but I thihnk they are also a breed of Cockatoos....I think! Maybe someone can help me out here..

Ivory Spring said...

AMAZING as always! I am in love with that black and white Lone Star quilt.

*karendianne. said...

Oh wow, the FMQ is amazing. Absolutely. I love the work on the Lone Star, too!!! You're so, so talented.