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Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge 2012

Havn't done a great deal of anything foe a while - for the Free Motion Quilt Challenge... due to issues of health with Andrea ... 

Did manage to get 2 small pieces sewn...and I was really a bit rusty.  I was using sik thread and playing with colours - not something I will keep.

Then I stared to play with a 3" square... then a feather and some filler.
Was happier with the feather... and worked well when I changed the needle and the thread stopped breaking.
I like the red on black too.

Andrea's health continues to be a problem.
Yesterday we went to Perth to see a specialist... away for the day so I took
my sketch book with me. This is what a
drew while we were travelling in the car :)

So .... I hope to get some sewing done  .... of something ....tonight as its Friday here in Oz...and its FNSI :)
We will see.


Unknown said...

Love your feathers - now I've got a taste for them I must try to do more
I hope Andrea's health starts to improve for you all soon
You certainly don't need to look for ailments etc they keep 'slamming' into your lives - here's hoping the western winds come in and blow them away for you all ;o)

Linda said...

Gorgeous feathers!!!

What Comes Next? said...

too be as good as you when you're rusty! Gorgeous feathers. I really like your doodles - the top right corner of the last image reminds me of pea pods - fabulous texture in it - I'd love yo see it stitched out! I do hope that Andrea's health issues get sorted out soon for all of your sakes!

Sheila said...

Really love your blog Joan, your quilting is beautiful, hope to see it in QuiltWest. You have an 820 like me, we'll have to compare notes! my new blog is http://piecesofpye.com

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Great FMQ! xo

Raewyn said...

The coloured thread looks really good on the black background. Love your feathers and your sketches too. Take care.