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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge 2012

Plumed feather  -  learning from the February tutorial by Diane Gaudynski.  There is also great info on her blog This photo didn't come out blue - obviously the exposure was wrong..

This is sewn on satin fabric - a piece that was left over from making a Tutu for Andrea for her ballet.
I have never sewn on satin for quilting before - I really enjoyed it...
I must admit that this small piece - approximately 6" x 12"took me All day to sew - but I did have a few breaks between. 
My concentration left me a few times...hence some lines that were a bit skewd ..

There is one of my trademark ladybugs in amongst the stippling.

This was my practise piece :)

A close up of the top corner cection

and a close up of the lower corner.

This was my Practise Practise piece where I tried out some of what I wanted to do.

This lovely satin fabric was a different blue and is from the very first Tutu I made Andrea.

My Sample is sewn with a very pale greenish YLI #100 silk thread on the top, Aurifil 50 in the bobbin. 
I used a 70/10 Superior Topstitch Titanium needle and had no problems with it.
I used my 820 Bernina DSM,   (Nessie), quilting stitch  #1324,   the tension was set at 2.0 and the presser foot was at 15.
I do love my sewing machine!

Andrea is going well - and I hope to get back to my WCQ tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I am in awe - this is simply amazing - well done Joan
It's a pity other things creep in and I can't get the time to do the FMQ challenge but I'll probably do most of them on projects as I go along - that will be my practice / testing / taking part ;o)

Susan said...

What a beautiful feather! You must have already had some experience with this - it's on my list of things to do, but the list is way too long, and I'm behind. Part of me keeps thinking it would be easier just to buy another longarm! =) By the way, I LOVED the Game of Thrones series! I was so sad when I finished the last one.

What Comes Next? said...

beautiful plume Joan! I am so looking forward to giving these a try - won't have time until the weekend though. So glad Andrea is doing better, can't wait to see more progress on your WCQ

Wendy said...

Lovely! I haven't tried satin yet. You make me want to try.

Linda said...

Your FMQ is amazing! I love your use of satin. Makes the stitching look so elegant.

Lee V said...

Hi Joan just followed your blog link from FB - your work is amazing !!!

I also see a link to zentangle in one of your blog entries. I love zentangle !!!

Is your wholecloth also being done on the domestic machine or a longarm? It also looks amazing.


Leeanne said...

Doesn't the satin give a lovely exuberant look!

Sue Daurio said...

You do the best feathers! It's just gorgeous. And the satin is so luxurious looking.

Marie-José H said...

Again you sewed a wonderful feather. This one is really special with the extra curls. And also the fabric is lovely...and tricky;-)

M and M plus 3 said...

Outstanding Joan! I need to find some time this week to practice mine. I like the satin, makes me think of pulling some fancy fabric out of my crazy quilt bin to try.

Sue Daurio said...

Joan, Just wanted to say how inspiring you are and how much you have added to my skill set as a quilter. I'm honoring you with a Versatile Blog award http://suedaurio.blogspot.com/2012/02/versatile-blogger.html

Beatriz said...

This is just unbelievable! Have yuo got some sort of a deal with your sewing machine or what! Are you a fairy? Amazing.Congratulations once again.

Joan said...

Beatriz - thank you for your comment - it made me smile. I am sorry not to be able to email you.

Pine Valley Quilts said...

Hi joan

As always your work is gorgeous. The satin looks amazing.


Elaine said...

This work is so exquisite...(it makes me think of quitting!)...what a wonderful gift. I'll visit for inspiration again and again!

Linda said...

Hi Joan! Just wanted to let you know that I awarded your blog the Leibster Award for blogs with fewer than 200 followers. Check out my blog for more info.