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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Labyrinth Quilt - FMQ

I am actually onto the last border. 

Yes!!  I have decided to do some feathers...  I have also included my trademark Ladybug - somewhere in the quilting.

I have 'sewn' a design onto some paper - no cotton in the machine - and pounced the design on.  I . wont stick to that ( doesn't it look a mess ), but it will guide me. 
I might add I am covered in chalk as I had to keep patting the design so I could change some places. 

Large cream border

The blue here has large circles in the middle to fill the extra space.... The borders are all odd sizes.

First time I have attempted this one...all large circles in a line - to match the fabrics a bit.

More lines - and I may put some circles in the centre of this one too.
The small border i really loved doing -

If I have time I will undo this border and do it again....  its a bit too shakey for my liking... and I think I need to fill in some of the space with some thing like feathers of leaves...like I have done the small border.  I just don't feel it goes.  My DH thinks I am mad !! :)

The larger border of the 'circles' this was the first I did and was a bit of a challenge.

So there it is at the present. 
11.30pm and I am off to sleep as I can get onto it again in the morning. 
I guess the feathers will take me some time, and I also have to decide which thread I will use.
Also think I will use a different colour on the backing.
The backing is pieces of fabric I had, as I couldn't find any big enough for the whole quilt!

I will show it again when I finish... maybe before I do the binding .. or after if time permits!


Unknown said...

WOW you have been very busy - all things considered I bet you are really pleased with how this is working out - well done

Joanne said...

It all looks amazing! Good for you.

Leeanne said...

So cool!!! You are doing a great job, it does look fabulous!

Wendy said...


Diane said...

it's looking great-you have really made progress on it.

*karendianne. said...

I'm watching, studying and waiting patiently to see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

It's looking terrific, Joan. Can't believe you're not doing many feathers ;-)

Pine Valley Quilts said...

Your quilting is lovely, thanks for sharing.