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Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Night Sew in

Thank you to Heidi for hosting the Friday Night Sew In.

I did nearly forget about it, but made it in time...my Friday night comes a bit sooner than most countries 
so I am lucky and can do two :)

So - I have done some more work on my WCQ
I need to keep going on this as some of the markings are really fading. 
I am nearly round another section.
This is the top of course

and this is from the back.
Also ....

I have also sewn around another block ...Row 5 block 7 - so I can now sew this to the fifth row and I will have only one more blockto go for that row.
Then a heap of sewing to get the 4th row to the third row..Lots of hand sewing there...

Once those 5 rows are all together, I think I will add the bocks one by one to those rows
It won't seem such a lot to do that way.  I hope.
Only another 32 of the white surrounds, small squares and the smaller of the blocks to go.

Andrea has kindly said she will sew some of the 'threesies' of the white for me. 
She has done this lots for me before and it is such a help.

Now I am off to sew some more of the WCQ

My Labyrinth quilt is soaking :)


Leeanne said...

Joan really you are quilting so wonderfully.

Unknown said...

Will I ever get around to a whole cloth - here's hoping I do
Yours is looking fantastic and developing each time you show us, well done Joan

Pine Valley Quilts said...

You quilting is gorgeous. A family heirloom.

Nima said...

wow..gorgeous quilting

Anonymous said...

Your quilting on the WCQ is so beautiful. As it is on your Labyrinth quilt.

I only hope that some day I'm able to learn how to quilt so beautifully.

Joanne said...

Your WCQ is so wonderful!! Your designs always amaze me.

A Creative Life said...

I simply love block. espcially the colours would love to see the finishe quilt.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Your quilting is magnificent. I'm hoping to attempt my first quilt in 2012. Everyone says I will become addicted...

Melissa ;-) said...

Gorgeous as always, Joan. And I get worn out just looking at all the work you do!

Janet said...

It looks incredible Joan, truly beautiful. I'm going back to drool over it some more.

Kim S said...

I just went through and looked at all you post about the POTC blocks.... They are wonderful! They make it very tempting to start one of my own, but I still haven't finished my GMG that I started hand piecing in 1990... LOL NO! I do not need to start something new...

Bev C said...

Hello Joan,

You have been blessed with a lovely talent. Good luck with the quilting.
happy days.

Linda said...

Stunning quilting!!!!