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Friday, July 01, 2011

Designing in progress

Second time round with this!

I have completed the main part of the design.
Fortunately my back allows me to stand easier than sit...so I have been able to do this at times.
Now I have ironed a 6" border of freezer paper- under the fabric to try to work out how and what to add in that 6"s
I need to work out which part of the design to use as a repeat.
Will take a while to think out and to put it on the fabric - IF I can work it out.

DH still has his pain problem, but does small things as he can.
Andrea has been off sick for a week...so we are a household of people looking out for each other :) and doing what we can.

My DH and I slowly got some wood, canvas and cotton wadding together ..plus invested in a staple    gun... and I have made a nice firm ironing surface - with many thanks to Sharon Schamber's very informative video on how to make one. 
The next one :) :)  the wood will be thicker.
But really this one works a treat.

Now I am off to think about more of a design for my whole cloth, while I rest some more.

Please forgive me for not appearing to visit many blogs - but Blogger still is mostly being awkward.  

I am visiting when I can and love to see and read what everyone is doing.  


What Comes Next? said...

I know you'll come up with he perfect design for your border - you always do! That looks like a lovely big ironing board - I definitely need me one of those - I got some instructions from a friend awhile back, just haven't gotten around to doing anything about it.
I do hope you all start feeling much better soon, it has been far too long for good folks to be suffering. Hugs,

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to here that the ailment situation at home isn't improving but hopefully everything will start to turn a corner soon
Your design is fantastic and I have every confidence in you being able to resolve your border design issue - I bet you look at it one day this coming week and the 'right' thing just pops into you head

Lynette said...

This is an amazing design! I hope your hubby's pain resolves sooner rather than later. It's really awful to have constant pain.

Crispy said...

I would love to have a big ironing board like that....but no space in my little home. I'm happy to hear that you are able to do a little creating. I hope all three of you mend quickly :0)


Marilyn said...

What an insane hobby you've chosen, Joan! And you're insanely good at it, too, I am so amazed by your work and the detail involved!