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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Started this last night and did some more today.
I now need to do the micro stippling.
Silly me thought I had drawn 1/4 of the whole cloth quilt I had designed...not!
Well it is...though not the one thats ready to sew!
Its 1/4 of the other one.
Thats ok - its my practise one...I can finish it later

And although its Thursday...I added to my Wednesday 's garden.
I decided to just go random... and fill the gaps....no plan!


blauraute said...

Oh Joan,
I could only say one word:
w o n d e r f u l .

Have a nice day und greetings from Germany

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous... Both of them!

Crispy said...

Beautiful quilting!!

I love the random-ness of your garden. It's going to be lovely :0)


Rebecca said...

Beautiful practice piece!! and you are quilting this on your domestic machine?? I'm impressed. I tried that and just couldn't get the hang of it.
Love the garden. Need to dig mine out and work on it. Your an inspiration!

Wendy said...

Lovely! Just Lovely! I have so many things I have to do before I can dig back into mine again. I'm jealous!

Leeanne said...

Really beautiful quilting.

Paula said...

wow Joan your quilting is absolutely stunning and beautiful flowers.

Brigitte said...

Your quilting is stunning.

Karen said...

Going random with your flowers, I like that!