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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Quilt Along today with Joanne from Thread head.

I made a big Boo-boo... as you can see - two of my blocks  -  Block #3 - not well made, and thankfully helped by Andrea reading out the sizes for me...and the one I have just finished...yep - its a 12" block!
So back to EQ6 go I...to see what I did wrong...and would you believe I have another
cut our ready to sew...and yes its also a 12"
At least I got 2 of Block #3 done... which I couldnt have done with Andrea.

Dont you just love my Boo-boos :)

Into the orphan pile goes another block !

About 3 hours later :_............

I  just made this one...what a difference in size

I was too tired to chop the photo..
The next one is cut out ready - (9")  but thats it for me tonight!


Brigitte said...

It's still a great block to use for another project.

Vivian said...

I;m glad to see I'm not the only one who makes boo boo's. lol

Crispy said...

Well at least it's a pretty boo boo LOL.


Sheila said...

You will find a use for the wrong size block , it still looks great which is the main thing . Frustrating isn't it when you do make the wrong size :-( Nice blocks , pretty prints.

Deanna said...

I have started my blocks, too. Your color scheme is very nice. And the boo-boos will have their place. Eventually. Sometime during the next year I am going to make an orphan quilt. It should be fun.