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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Designs, Vintage quilting

Thought I would post what I have been doing the last couple of days ago with a doily that I found ...
maybe sewn by my grandmother or one of my Auntie's.

I have a lot of them and thought this would be a great way to go with them
First part

Close up of second part -
Now I need to think about what to do next!

I am sewing with YLI 100 silk - top and bobbin..its a pale soft greenish colour.

All sewn on my Sweet Sixteen


Leeanne said...

Looking fabulous............I enjoy quilting these too.

Maggie said...

So far, so beautiful! And, how wonderful to have had the hankies made by family members!!! I'm sure you've seen what Cindy Needham does with old linens.

maggie in Washington state