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Friday, February 06, 2015

More Designs, FMQ,

Some photos of what I have been up to before Christmas


Close up of Trapunto

Another closeup of the trapunto and quiltig.


Small gifts for Christmas


Without Trapunto

Sherry Rogers Harrison's Designs

With Trapunto

Sherry Rogers Harrison's Designs

Back of Water Lily -
 a design by Liz Arnold which I made years ago..found and quilted  on my HQSS

Front of Water Lily

I cant find what Ive done with the whole of this... and am unable to use my
 sewing machine for a while
as I am still recovering from my Pacemaker Implant :)


Céline said...

You are a great inspiration. I love your different designs in quilting and I try to do the same on my quilts. Thank you to share with us!

Sheri said...

Wow! Your quilting is fabulous!!! I'm so glad to visit and enjoy your talent!

Liz said...

Yes, your quilting is fabulous Joan and I'm the lucky duck who received the white trapunto feather quilt (shown in the first 3 photos) as a Christmas present this year. And I love the quilting on Waterlily too.

Leeanne said...

You have been busy, I especially like the nine patch number.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I love all of these stunningly beautiful pieces. You are one of the people who most inspire me! Thank you so much for posting photos that encourage me to strive to do more!

Patti said...

These are gorgeous. I hope it will be a quick recovery. I just can't too long for more inspiration from you!

Lynette said...

OK. Pacemaker implant sounds no fun at all - I hope it's all settled in and adjusted "happily" now. It sure is neat to see the pics of with and without trapunto next to each other. I'm working on my first trapunto projects right now! Thought it might be good for these mini McKenna Ryans I'm making myself finish up. ;)