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Wednesday, January 07, 2015


I have so many things to put up... and the heat here is not nice, so I thought I would put up what I have done for my DWR Quilt so far...of the  Wedding present quilt - which of course is late :(
I completed the outside circles a couple of days ago.. and have now completed the first full circle
This video shows how I managed when sewing the outer circles
The back of the quilt with outer circles completed!

I am now up to completing full circle Number 3... a long way to go..
  I still have a lot of photos to put up...
Later.. in the meantime - back to sewing!


Leeanne said...

well done Joan! I bet it is hot work in this heat.

Julia said...

It's going to be beautiful Joan.
That's a massive task, I sent mine out to get quilted.
Do you have a Sweet Sixteen now, if so how do you like it?
I still struggle with the tension on mine,
Julia ♥

Janet said...

Wow, that looks so good, how are you loving the sweet sixteen? I tried some machine quilting the other day but now I have pain on the outside of my left hand, I think I must have been using too much pressure.