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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Designs and whole Cloth quilt.

Managed to get some drawings done!
Not much happening here, but I managed to do these drawings yesterday.

Obviously I love heart feathers.. and I practised some filler designs

As I ran out of white ink - I went back to the pencil.

This is one eighth of the WCQ design...and as you can see I am still working at this one.  
Maybe I could do a formal quilt centre and FMQ the rest.  I have no idea how to actually print a large design, and the printer here where I live cant print as big as I would like.  So I am still thinking about that!

This is what it looks like in the mirror... so this will take more time as I take out what I  don't like.

So more of this later I think.


Jane said...

Just beautiful, well done

Raewyn said...

Love your heart feathers too - gorgeous drawing!!

Karendianne said...

Classic and beautiful. Love your talent, Joan.!

Quilting Babcia said...

Fabulous designs! I love the delicate look of the double curve or heart shape feathers.

Crispy said...

Your designs are alway so amazing Joan!! You need to sell them to we less talented ladies :0)


Joanne said...

Incredible!! As always!

Teresa said...

Love it~ Try Staples - they can make a copy up to 36" wide.

jan said...

My printer does a poster print out for me. It is a great feature.