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Friday, March 01, 2013

Tablet design with Carla Barrett 2013,

I have had a day to myself today - so I have been working on my tablet classes
( doing some sewing too)
I drew this design from some wonderful fabric I have from designer Peggy Toole - which I have used in the past for fussy cutting my POTC blocks.

This is the beautiful fabric...I copied and pasted each of the little pieces th..till it filled up the circle/  Took me a while!

Then I put my drawing onto a new layer,  and cleaned it up a bit - that took me longer :)

Another exercise was to straighten up the photo of a quilt...and as this is what I am up to...

I took a photo of my progress...

.....and straightened it.

Then I had to make an end to end pantograph design . and as I had no designs I could use...
I drew two sets of feathers...and must admit I did do them a bit too quickly, but was pleased with them anyway.

...and this is what I ended up with.

I am so happy to be doing Carla's classes again 

So a good day today - and I am off to work out some more of my sewing while I can.

I hope you all have a nice day/evening. 


Quiltsmiles said...

Joan, thanks for sharing the tips and skills you are learning in her classes. I am sitting on the fence about signing up since I don't own a tablet> This is probably an ignorant question but is that just a laptop or something more special?
I'd love to learn more and that quilt photo straightening technique would be an asset besides many more of the wonderful class samples you've shown. Jane

Ivory Spring said...

Glad you got to play, Joan! As always, you do amazing work!

Raewyn said...

Wow - more great stuff - it sounds like you are really enjoying this!! And learning heaps.

Mary Ann said...

This looks great! I'd love to see your posts about binding, too :-)

mariarosaria said...

Che belli quei blocchi: sono tra i miei classici preferiti! E poi il mandala: io ADORO i mandala! Brava!!!!!