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Saturday, October 13, 2012

FMQ Challenge October - Piece #2

I have been having fun!  
Trying out lots of threads on this piece which I started last night and have just finished today.

Its been raining here today so there wasn't a lot of light for the photo!
My play piece is about 8" x 4"

The first thread I used was Rainbow thread by Superior 
threads which I did my name with and a Nautilus shell.  I really don't like multi coloured threads - but I tried them out anyway. 
The light brown larger feathers are sewn with Aurifil 40...I changed needles up and down as required...and played with tensions.
The yellow centre of the feathers is a yellow Sulky 40 plus circles too.
Bouncing Bananas - pink Mettler Polythene 40
Blue is embroidery polyester ? weight
Bright green is embroidery polyester ? weight
Red feather is YLI silk 100
Pink Shells are Gutterman 100% polyester ? weight
Mauve at the bottom is Sylko fast dye by Dewhurst - an old reel of thread on an original wooden reel.

OK - Thats it I think.  Broke one needle as I pulled the thread as it was going down - a nasty habit I have.  You would think I would remember by now.

Well I think thats it for a bit .
I really enjoyed this and it was nice to be sewing for a bit.

Would you believe - the sun just came out!!!


Unknown said...

Stunning tester piece, it looks like you had fun doing it. But the question is which thread do you like to work with (and gives the best results)? and what was your tester sandwich?

Joan said...

Oh - forgot about that. I always love Aurifil 50 thread and of course my silk. It was fun to see what the other threads would do...I used a wool wadding in the sandwich...that is my favorite too.

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Joan - this came out wonderfully! Your feathers and teardrops a really nice...

And adding your name -- you did a great job!

Thanks for sharing,

SewCalGal said...

Really great job Joan. So fun to see your name on this piece and all the beautiful FMQ designs. Also love all the colors.


Leeanne said...

So pretty, the mix of colours & textures, you can see you had fun!

Martha said...

Awesome quilting Joan and even more awesome considering how small the piece is-wow!!!! Love it. I need to get busy on mine!!! The fabric and the thread are picked out. Just need to get moving on it :-)

Laura said...

Joan, this is just lovely. I'm having the worst time trying to figure out the nautilus shells, even drawing them is hard for me, haven't tried sewing them yet. Can you share any pointers? Yours turned out so nicely!