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Thursday, April 05, 2012


Whole Cloth Quilt once again.

I seen to have been a bit lost for a bit, but we have been busy with friends and family.

Today I have peen playing on my practice piece...and you will see where I have been using my photoshop on this photo.

Some spelling wrong here - and didnt have time to work our which layer I was on :(

I have  - on my REAL piece - finished sewing large circles on the actual border, and am FMQ feathers on the final spine...and nearly made the decision to sew 1/4 inch 'piano keys' on the final border..as you can wee in the photo above

These lines were freehand

The 1/4 line are sewn using my Carol Olson ( of Fine Line Rulers)
to help me with the lines.  I did mark the lines first

Its the begining of the April School Holidays here, and Easter too of course...so I may be a bit quiet again for a bit.
Andrea will be away for a few days in the second week with her Father and his family - so I will have a few days to myself... BUT I am also starting my Tablet Design Calss with Carla Barrett on Step on pins...and as I am slow to pick up these things...and its a 3 week online course... I may not get too much sewing in... but I can plod on with my WCQ now I ... almost... know what I will do to finishe it.

Then of course I need to catch up on the Free Motion Quilt Challenge too  with SewCalGal. 

A vey happy and blessed Easter to you all...dont eat too much Chocolate.

Please forgive me if I dont always answer all your comments...Please know that I so appriciate
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Leeanne said...

Looks great, holidays here too.
Have fun learning new things with Carla.

Wendy said...

Love it, love it, love it! Happy Easter to you!

Unknown said...

Happy Easter Joan
Your quilting is looking fantastic - here's hoping you get a chance to do more over the holiday weekend

Raewyn said...

Beautiful! Happy Easter to you and yours too :-)

Diane said...

Happy Easter Joan. Enjoy you're time to yourself! I'm sure you'll learn so much in Carla's class!
I always like to think candy is good for you at Easter ;)

Sheila said...

Just beautiful Joan , have a very Happy Easter .

SeeingStars said...

Beautiful quilting! Even your practice pieces just shine. You could turn them into pillows. Your patience is really paying off with amazing skills. :)

What Comes Next? said...

it is looking so good Joan! Enjoy your weekend

Patti said...

Oh Joan, this is just so lovely. I did not FM at all during class & I'm so new to the longarm that I fear I'm back to square one now that I'm back to practicing. I look at lovely quilting like this & dream of doing work like this.

Janet said...

It looks beautiful, your feathers and circles are fantastic. Gosh you're going to have some fun with the online class.

Cathi said...

Joan, your free motion quilting is absolutely stunning! I am in awe!