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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whole Cloth Quilt

Began a small whole Cloth quilt...yesterday

I am using gold silk on top and white Aurifil  50 in the bobbin.
Had a bit of a problem with tension, till I realised an error on my machine..silly me!
All sorted now.  
The coin you can see is a 5 cent piece ($Au) so you can get an idea that is quilted fairly small.

I have drawn over the right hand design and sewn with a blank needle, so I can reverse it and use the pounce pad to repeat the design on the Left hand triangle.

 I have reversed the design and used the pounce pad

Using white pounce powder, the design is now ready to sew.
Then I need to work out what I will do next.

I am in the middle of an online class through Carla Barret of Step On Pins
its called beginning Photoshop Elements 10.  Information can be found from Step on Pins.
Its the third time I have taken the class - yes ... slow learner :)  but I am finally getting it!.

Today I am registering with Step on Pins to do a Tablet class with Carla, so I can draw my design on my quilts to work out what I want to quilt on them using Photoshop... I have also done a Quilt Whispering Course with Carla .  The pre-requisite for the Tablet Class is that you know Photoshop 10 - that's the reason I am brushing up on that.... again

Now to do some sewing while I have a bit of time.


Raewyn said...

Fabulous Joan - good thinking how you got a reverse of your feather. Does that Pounce stuff stay on your quilt quite well? That sure is tiny quilting! It wouldn't be as big and heavy as your other WCQ!

Leeanne said...


Ivory Spring said...


You are one amazing woman!!! You inspire me.

Lovely wholecloth. How do you find the pounce? I had found that the marking seems to fade away quickly with us home machine quilters actually handling the quilt sandwich. It might work better for longarmers since the quilt sandwiches remain stationary...

Beatriz said...

A fantastic job. I believe you´re a fairy and have a few elfs helping you around. It must be.
Take care of the elfs and don´t make them work too hard.