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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whole cloth quilt

A little more done!

I did a small amount more...the straight lines on the left hand side above the feathers will be frogged soon as I am not happy with them...but they will keep a bit.

I tried some different things last night. I used this to see if I could manage...but the wieght was a bit much (the quilt was too heavy and I am not really happy with the fabric I am actually using) It would work well with practise I am sure.
I also tried the BSR on a practise piece, but I really manage better on my own.

Its PPP for me to get my stitches more even.


Cathy H said...

Hi Joan, The design you have marked on the fabric is great...can't wait to see the quilt finished...do you use a surpreme slider mat..I find it helps a lot for a consistent stitch length.... Cathy

Leeanne said...

Looking great! I don't use the BSR either.

Janet said...

It's looking gorgeous, I love the feathers and the way they curl around. I tried the halo too but I didn't feel like I was in control. I don't think I need it with the super sized supreme slider that Cathy mentioned.

Diane said...


Wendy said...

I'm getting eager to see the finished piece!

Vania said...

Ciao Joan,
come sei brava ! Anch'io vorrei imparare bene il trapunto a macchina chissà che un giorno ci riuscirò, peccato tu sia così lontana.....
Baci Vania

Rosa said...

Love your design,beautiful.Enjoy playing!!

Raewyn said...

O wow!!This is going to be beautiful!!