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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A few things I have managed

I have made the February block for Granny's Hankie.
I am really very slow.

I have had my computer down for a bit as my Modem collapsed and I had to get another, so I have been without internet for a while.
Just as well, as I am not comfortable sitting here for long.

Mal is doing remarkably well and apart from being a bit tired and unable to do the things he used to do without effort -he is back to his normal self :)
His operation was completely successful and the tumor is not expected to return!!

However it has all worn me out!

Mal relaxing at home after his time in Perth with our eldest daughter Fiona.

Andrea is more or less well - home with another nasty cold. at present.

I have also put together my whole cloth quilt - hand basted it!

Rolling up the front and backing prior to basting

Progressing accross the front lower section of the quilt.

This curved needle was REALLY helpful as I couldnt manage it with a straight needle.
Miracle it that I was able to find it :)

All hand basting completed. 
I began to sew with a cream silk on top and a beige aurofil in the bobbin.
I hadnt sewn for a while...and need to do a hepa more practise.

I frogged all that I had sewn...didnt like it at all and thought it was best to do that before much more was done.  THAT took a while as the stitches were tiny!
Then I looked at it for another day...nearly ready to throw it all in the too hard basket.

I have now got some of the design drawn - trying out some markers that I have
and this will be my practise piece.

Just have to put that together now ... and will spend some time getting back to to hopefully where I was.

I have been watching everyones blogs...sometimes trying to make comments - and having problems with Blogger...

So I have been a silent lurker.
Hope to be back to normal soon.
Lots of resting between times.  I seem to be sleeping a lot!

To complete my blogging after soooo long
here is a photo of our Wisteria in bloom.


LeKaQuilt said...

Hi Joan, I love your project and I cant wait to see your new whole quilt. And by the way, I'm an lurker too :o))
Must have time to sew, you know !

Melissa ;-) said...

So glad to hear Mal is doing well and hope Andrea feels better very soon.

Your Granny's Hankie block is lovely. Such beautiful work can not be rushed!!

I see you are using Sharon Schamber's quilt basting method. I have not tried it, but believe I will now that I have a room large enough to maneuver in - or at least I will one day when the remodeling is finished!!

Your whole cloth quilt is going to be beautiful!

Sheila said...

The whole cloth quilt is coming along nicely , it will be beautiful. Good to hear that Mal is doing better and hope you too will be feeling better soon , all that stress would not help you .

Unknown said...

Hi Joan - been missing you - I'm so glad that Mal and Andrea are doing better but give yourself time, you've been through a lot too.
Your block is lovely and sometimes the best things come to those who wait.
Your WC quilt looks great - sometime I will get the courage to do one.
Off today and basting up my purple applique quilt - hoping to start quilting it soon, once I get some UFO's finished
Great to have you back on blog land ;0)

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

I'm glad to have you back. You were missed!

Borderline Quilter said...

Hi Joan, Sorry you are having so many trials lately, I was wondering about you...glad to see you are feeling ready to tackle something albeit in fits and starts....

Take care
Kay in Scotland

Sheila said...

Hi Joan. It's good to see you back. I'm glad that Mal is doing so well. You quilting is lovely and so is the wisteria.
Sheila in Canada

Diane said...

Good to see your post! So glad to hear Mal is doing well. I think it all would have worn me out too-hoping you will keep feeling better yourself! take care-
your hankie block is lovely and I am still amazed at the wholecloth quilt-just all that drawing of it is amazing to me!

Joanne said...

Great to hear from you!
Your GH block looks fantastic and the whole cloth is going to be amazing.♥

Candice said...

Your WC looks wonderful! can you tell me.. is this your own design? if so are you planning on selling it as an e-pattern? if so I want one!

Janet said...

No wonder you're worn out, it's been a challenging time but I'm so happy that Mal is recovering so well and you had good news.
Once you get your energy back and get the quilting rhythm going, you'll be cooking with gas! It'll be utterly gorgeous.

Desley said...

So glad to hear Mal is doing well! Take care of yourself.

Deanna said...

Welcome back, friend. Enjoy resting as much as necessary. And sewing a little, too.

Karen said...

Your Granny's Hankies block is very pretty and well done. I don't purchase that type of fabric but it works oh so well in these blocks.