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Saturday, August 20, 2011

FNSI, Designs and family

I managed to get a small (tiny ) bit of FMQ done for FNSI
Was not able to sit for long...but its a start.

                                                             As I said - just a tiny bit :)

 some drawings I did while sitting with Mal in hospital
My younger DD claimed this one to frame...

I call this one my sea monster

Elder DD wants this one

and maybe this one.

I actually did this on Wednesday ...and this is the carpet that was in the hospital...
It makes a great filler design for quilting.

And Andrea, in her new dress.... and shoes
Amazingly she is now 15!!

Thats it from me.

Pleased to say Mal is improving somewhat slowly .. has good and bad days
but we struggle on :) and keep positive.


Joanne said...

Beautiful works of art! Andrea as well!
I am so glad to hear that Mal is doing better and will be fine. Take care!!♥

Diana and LaDonna said...

Wow, Joan,...my husband and I both are amazed at your drawings! Andrea is growing up too fast! What a beautiful young woman!


Leeanne said...

Beautiful drawings and quilting. My eldest son has just turn 15 too, they grow up quick.

corina said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Glad to hear Mal is improving, even if it is somewhat slowly it is progress. Can't wait to see some of those designs stitched out!

Színek és álmok said...

Wonderful Zentangle doodle into varrásba.Próbálkozom patch but I still practice a lot kell.Jó hear all right:)

Tilde said...

All beautiful. Andrea especially so, but your drawings are not exactly hard on the eyes either :-) I understand why your elder DDs wants some of them to frame.
And Mel and you are in thoughts, just so you know.

Crispy said...

Your drawings are always so amazing, I love the bird!! Glad to hear Mal is on the mend. I hope you will be soon too.

Andrea is so very beautiful!!


QueenB said...

the zetangles look good. Andrea does looks like a lovely young lady.

Julia said...

Wow, Joan,... your drawings are amazing, so clever! Andrea is looking all grown up, beautiful young lady!
Glad mal is on the mend.
Julia ♥

Melissa ;-) said...

Oh, I love the Sea Monster. Best wishes to Mal!

Ivory Spring said...

Joan, your drawings are phenomanl! Pleased to hear that Mal is doing better. And that Andrea - she is a stunner!