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Monday, June 07, 2010

Four sides of large feathers completed

It is almost completed..I now have to decide whether to try some micro stippling anound the large feathers to make them stand out.
It will keep till tomorrow. 

Some details of the design...a bit off course in places!

I am going to unpick this corner heart feather, as I have not got the tension right on the back, and am not happy with it.

THEN I may get the binding done...

I did have some problems with the large feather design and had to rea-adjust as I sewed...the sides were not even, so one of the corners is a bit out, and the feathers at times overlapped in the centre - so thats where I changed it a bit as I went along...I guess it IS FMQ ...of a sort :)

Now I am going back to my POTC blocks where I can sit comfortably. 
My back in not a happy chappy!


Rena said...

How beautiful is that, Joan !

Enthusiastic greetings

Wendy said...

And this is a practice piece???? It's beautiful!

blauraute said...

Hallo Joan,
very, very nice. The colors are beautiful, I like them very much.
Greetings from Germany

Eva said...

Hola Joan precioso trabajo

Nima said...


Deanna said...

The pebbles in the stems are particularly striking.

Crispy said...

Oh my goodness, I can't imagine picking out all of that stitching!! It looks beautiful to me, but then I can't see the back LOL.


Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Simply stunning!

Sue-Anne said...

It is gorgeous Joan! I love all the individual patterns in it.

Anonymous said...

It looks perfect to me, Joan! You are amazing. You HAVE TO put the binding on to make it complete, and display it proudly.

julieQ said...

Wow, what a beautiful quilt! I love the way your quilting in the border accents the middle...gorgeous!

Leeanne said...

Really beautiful quilting.

Valentina said...

Joan, I could study these pictures for hours, you have done so well... Bravo!