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Monday, March 22, 2010

As I have been tidying up my studio and stash/craft room, I have found projects I have not completed, so I thought I may be able to get some more machine practice in and complete some.
The first is a Jinny Beyer quilt from about 2 years ago. 

Trying to work out a design.

Preparing the quilt.

Trying to work out if the designs are suitable.

Looking at the quilt, I think maybe it would be better to quilt round the squares like a Diane-shiko design, as I may be going over too much of the actual quilt seams...then again maybe the squares are too big for that.

I can also see in one of the square designs I did that I have the pattern incorrectly drawn, as the feathers were meant to go in one direction and I have got them facing each other.
At this stage I am unsure how I will put the patterns on the quilt and may need to do this with the pounce pad.....decisions.  In the mean time I will keep pinning

Feel free to comment on what you think of the designs - or not.

Andrea is home from school with another migraine and sleeping at present.
She made it for 3 hours of school.

This photo of her machine quilting yeaterday with a bit more light to see our view....
and the cover on our frog pond

Thanks for 'listening' to my thoughts


Crispy said...

Wow Joan, your quilting designs are so very beautiful!! Do you punch holes along the pattern so you can pounce them one? It would be interesting to see how you do this :0)


Ivory Spring said...


When I "grow up", I want a craft room just as spacious as yours!!! No wonder your creativity flows.... what a great place for you and Andrea to work on your quilts.

As for transferring the designs onto dark fabrics, the pounce is probably your best bet. I have never used the pounce, and have heard feedbacks from both spectra. I have used the golden threads vellum paper, but found it to be quite cumbersome. Since most of my quilts are on a deadline, I normally don't have the luxury of time to plan the quilting and then transfer the designs... for dark fabrics, I normally just free-hand my feathers. It's quicker for me that way especially when sometimes I only have one week to complete a quilt.

Your Jinny Beyer quilt is absolutely STUNNING!!!


Vivian said...

Interesting to see you put the designs on the quilt. I haven't tried that before and was wondering how it was done. Andrea must be one tough little girl.

Ivory Spring said...

Hello Joan,

It's lovely to hear from you again. Thank you for your kind words on my photography... I can't say photography is my favorite thing to do, but I do enjoy capturing different scenes that please me visually.

Please give a hug to Andrea for me.


Jenny said...

That's a great working space, and I adore that Jinny Beyer quilt!

Pine Valley Quilts said...

Hi Joan
You have a great sewing room with loads of natural light. How lovely to be able to share your interest with Andrea.
I love the quilt on your design wall.