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Holidays and play

We have had a really fun time with our guests form the USAHere are some happy pictures of us all.

On the way home we visited the suspension bridge in Pinjarrah

Had a welcome cup of coffee and cake.

Jean receiving her Birthday quilt.
(with orange and champayne)

Birthday dinner..I had a great photo with Andrea in...but she was being silly and was cross-eyed!!!

We visited Knomesville.
This is quite extrordiary as all these knomes are taken there by people all over the world, and little sayings left like 'To knome you is to love you' and ' there is knome place like home- to use but a few :)
They are all out in a huge 'city'  There they all live, and no one ever seems to disturb them. andf they are public open space in the bush, just near the road.

Some of the gnomes

Andrea Glo and Janet at the beach - Bunbury

Glo, my son Stuart, myself and Janet

And of course - the kangaroos.

Now I am back to sewing.